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Boost Your Reviews On Google
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You're in contact with your customers every day, why miss the chance to get another google review?

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With a dash board you can see who is asking for reviews

And who needs some mentoring 

Say goodby to the old way of asking for reviews through text message and emails
Simply ask your customers if they are happy with the service/product, then ask if they would leave you a 5 star review, when you get the yes, tap the card to their phone, Boom, they are ready to go, no searching, they can respond when they are the happiest with you!

 Powerful Things With The

Lion Review Tap Program

 Get More Postitive Reviews Faster
 Notification of when reviews are made
 Review Response Program Included
 Can be gated if desired, thumbs up or down
 Easy to use, and explain to your team
 See how your team is working on getting reviews
 We Set You Up, You Just Respond To An Email
 You get a dramatic increase in reviews
Get More Current Reviews!


  Your Secret Tool #2 To...
Respond Your Reviews On Google
With The Lion Review Responder!

   #3 Watch the number of
your reviews grow!

*Your results may be better or worse
depending on your situation and commitment.

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Lion Review Tap Program
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